About Us

Dateman books is a family business.  We originally started to undertake the hand-binding of individual or short run books, novels, family histories etc.  In 2005 we turned our attention to the world of miniatures, when a friend tried to convince us that dollshouse owners would be interested in real printed books for their dollshouses.  We took 24 titles to our first fair in Cheltenham, still doubtful that people would be interested in what we do.  We did not then realise just how important details are in the miniature world, and were delighted to find that real printed books would be very popular indeed.  We now sell 350 titles to thousands of customers all over the world.

The Dateman Family Tree

Originally started by myself, Terry Neville with my wife Anne, we have now been joined full time by our son, Andrew. His husband Paul, our other son and daughter in law Douglas and Dani, and my brother and sister in law Chris and Christine all help out as well!  We're rather proud that, whilst other companies have an organisation chart, ours is very much a family tree!






      Sewing, packing, posting, fairs and the voice of common sense Chief bookbinder, new book design, fairs and head in the clouds Roadie, fairs and Ukulele-based entertainment Sewing, French translation and fairs





Website, point of sale design and putting books very neatly in boxes Bookbinder and head flirt with his customers IT specialist, fairs and head chef Fairs, hand model and making chocolate brownies      


Where are we?

We run the business from our homes, and so are based in the South West of England, in the coastal villages of Kewstoke, near Weston Super Mare in Somerset and Brixham, near Torquay in Devon.  We do not have a shop ourselves, but you can come and meet us in fairs, or buy our books in shops around the world.

uk map showing pictures of Kewstoke and Brixham